A fast and fun way to create animated messages for loved ones. Click here to view
a special message from Hop
Sample messages you can use:
Hello Cutie
A little something to make you say awwww.
Happy Birthday
Messagehop makes for the perfect happy birthday message.
Saying hello from afar.
Or jump right in, it's easy and free!
Create a messagehop!

Use messagehop on facebook.com and post messages for your friends and family. Give it a try!

Messagehop {{code syntax}}

Messagehop code syntax gives users the ability to add animations within any message by simply including a formated command. For example, add anywhere into a message’s text: {{snow}} and it will start snowing in the message.

The library of commands available to messagehop is constantly growing and evolving. For a complete list, view the documentation.
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